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3 Tips and Tricks to Doing Our Escape Rooms

Tip #1:

Read! Although our themes are only one room, we pack a lot of information each space. Make sure to read everything extremely carefully and even multiple times. But be careful, there are some red herrings!

Tip #2:

Don't be afraid to use our built in hint system. There are no penalties for using the automated hints in each room but as soon as you call us into the room you are illegible for the leaderboard. But if you reach a point in the room where you can't make the leaderboard then don't be afraid to call us in!

Tip #3:

Have fun and don't take the room too seriously! Some of our best groups were the most nonchalant. And most of all, don't fall into the pressure of the time limit!

We hope these escape room tips and tricks help and happy puzzling!!!

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