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Here are 7 Small Businesses in New Westminster to Support in the Coming Months!

1) Uncommon Clothing

Uncommon Clothing is a vintage clothing store located on the top floor of the River Market. Keeping up to date on the latest fashion trends whilst stocking late 90's and early 2000's pieces, your definitely bound to find something at Uncommon Clothing!

2) Great Wall Tea Company

As the name suggests, Great Wall Tea Company is a loose-leaf tea shop located on the ground floor of the River Market. Sourcing high quality ingredients, Great Wall's tea is 100% sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and contains no artificial flavours.

3) Anim Hair & Beauty

Located on Columbia Street, Anim Hair & Beauty is a black owned barbershop. All of the stylists at Anim have 10+ years of industry experience. If your wanting to switch up your look, consider Anim Hair & Beauty!

4) Gamedeals

Also located on Columbia Street is Gamedeals. Relive your childhood by exploring the vast retro video game library at Gamedeals. From niche and old to popular and modern, Gamedeals is sure to have something that will peak your interest.

5) Moodswing

Located on Front Street in Downtown New Westminster, Moodswing is a combination Cafe and Bar. Start your morning with an amazing brunch menu, then head back to Moodswing in the evening for some hand-crafted cocktails. Don't miss this lesser known New Westminster gem!

6) Rain City Games

Another amazing small business located in the River Market is Rain City Games, a table-top/specialty board game shop. Make your next game night epic with Rain City's broad selection of games.

7) Columbia St. Sandwich Company

If you're wanting a good, affordable meal, head over to Columbia St. Sandwich Company. Specializing in homemade soup and sandwiches, this locally owned food stand is bound to. satisfy your comfort food craving.

New Westminster is FULL of locally owned/small business, so let us know your recommendations bellow!

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