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3 Tips to Have Fun and Stay Safe During Halloweekend

1) Don't go out alone

There are plenty of festivities happening around Vancouver for Halloweekend, most of which are happening during the evening. Try to have a buddy wherever you go. If you are going out by yourself this weekend, try to have a close contact that you will communicate with throughout the event you are attending.

2) Create a transportation plan in advance

Organize transportation in advance and communicate the plan with whoever you are going out with. Additionally, agree on a general safe meeting spot in case you lose contact with the group.

3) Bring all the essentials with you when going out

Some essentials that may be useful in a stressful situation may be a battery pack/cellphone charger or even emergency cash (don't just rely on cards).

Overall, make sure you are communicating effectively and efficiently and use your instincts. Have fun and happy Halloween!

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