Groupon coupon codes

for Pandora's Locks?

People sometimes ask us if we "have a Groupon", or partner with any "daily deal" sites. I'd like to explain why the answer is (and probably always will be) no, we don't.

The average per-person price of an escape room in the US is $30 (which currently converts to about $37.50 CDN), with most rooms lasting only 45 min and often "public" (they fit as many people as they can in the room instead of just your group). We feel that our cost of $28.57+GST (CDN) for a private 65 minute game is already a significant deal over the industry average. On top of that, we do frequently offer other discounts that usually bring that price down. (UPDATE: Price adjusted as of Jan 1st 2019)

In contrast, most places that use Groupon either start with overpriced tickets to make the deal seem better than it is, have very restrictive conditions attached, or they are using it because they legitimately believe it will help their business (hint: it won't). In fact, once Groupon applies their various fees and takes their cut of an already discounted ticket, the business owner is left with such a small amount that they often can't sustain their business. As well, when the promotion ends, the Groupon page remains active as a means to redirect customers to your competitors. I'm sure that Groupon is a valuable marketing tool for service based businesses with high margins that can earn frequent repeat customers, but when it comes to escape rooms, the sight of a Groupon usually tells enthusiasts to look elsewhere if they want to have a good time.

We pride ourselves on providing a great experience that exceeds industry norms, and in order to continue doing so, while also paying our staff fair wages, sponsoring local organizations, and developing room designs for the future, we need to not devalue our adventures, and we hope you will not devalue your escape room plans just to save a couple bucks.

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Brian Hughes - February 2018